About us

The Association Representing Mental Health Care, also known as ARMC, was founded in 1981 by a group of Norfolk Care Home Proprietors and Managers. They got together for the first time with only one thing common, the client group. Some ran homes that were private businesses, some were voluntary organisations. This was not a problem as one of the main motivations for getting together was that they were running homes for people with learning disabilities or people who are recovering from mental illness and that whilst organisations were springing up to offer help and support to people running homes for the elderly, their advice and standards were often inappropriate to our client group.

Since the founding days, ARMC has moved forward and now provides an association to those services also providing day care or domiciliary support to clients living in their own homes as well as care home providers and managers. We support services who are small, family run businesses through to large organisations with over 100 beds. We still find that the challenges faced by one member are faced by many, if not all of us.